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Jan 21, 2013 8:00am PST
on the following monday. >> both president obama and vice president biden took their official oaths of office why yesterday. >> i barack hussein obama swear -- >> supreme court justice john roberts swore in the first family. justice sotomayor did the honor at the vice president's residence at the united states naval observe tore in washington. >> and both families attended a church service at the episcopal church directly opposite the white house. moments ago the limousine carrying the obamas and the bidens arrived at the capital after the 12 block trip up pennsylvania avenue from the white house. >> joining us, our news hour regular column younist mark shields and new york sometimes columnist mark brooks. >> big day, gwen. it is a big day. it lacks the inherent drama and expense of the new first inaugural. this is important. i think it's a defining moment for the second inaugural, the president at the top of his popularity over the past three years and this is a chance to lay out what he wants to do, i think, in broad terms and specifically of course in the the state of the union. >> what do you
Jan 25, 2013 6:30pm PST
at the center on budget and policy priorities and former chief economist to vice president joe biden. jared, thanks for coming on the program. you know, as i just mentioned there, there are a lot of people who have different views on timothy geithner. some people say he was too easy on wall street. he wasn't tough enough on the banks. when the history book books are written, what do you think they're going to say about timothy geithner? >> well, look, it's often the case when you have people attacking from the left and right that you may have found a sweet spot in the middle. and i think the story is kind of one that's in the middle. i think when the history books are written, they're going to look at the measures that secretary geithner preside over as critical to inflating the financial sector when it was really poised to take down not just our economy but global economies. if you actually look at the money expended to do so it came in far, far less than originally projected. geithner managed to replate the system on the cheap. the housing market is now finally crawling off the bottom. bu
Jan 21, 2013 12:00am PST
you, what would you do? >> five can go because vice president biden has said he supports these things. we'll see. if you had 50 plus him, there you have the new rules for next congress. >> but if you leave next tuesday, you have, as based on the past, almost nothing gained in congress. >> we will know who's who, even even though they will look at primaries, we need to look at saying, guess what? we're not going to get involved at all, none of the progressives. if you have a republican taking over that seat, that's the way it goes. strong worried, i might add. we have to show that we can make a dimps. >> are they inaccurate words? >> no, i feel that way sometimes. >> corporate breaks get in because democrats -- >> a lot of times labor doesn't get in because corporate democrats won't move it along. >> that's right. we don't call it out because people call it out and say, at this point it worse. that's why we will work inside. it comes from working and running and fighting inside. we have to do the same thing. and we need the equivalent of a progressive caucus as we have in the house fig
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3